Kernel’s Emergency keys in Ubuntu

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Ubuntu
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Hello folks.

Today we will see some keys that really help when our system gets locked. These keys can save us from big problems like corrupted file system.

So, let’s go to them.

Hold Alt + Sys Rq + O: Synchronize the file system and turn off the computer;

Hold Alt + Sys Rq + B: Restart the computer without synchronize the file system;

Hold Alt + Sys Rq + S: Only synchronize the file system. This is excellent when you know that there is a probability of your computer to be turned off like power electrical went down. Using these keys, you keep the file system synchronized;

Hold Alt + Sys Rq + U: Unmount and mount the file system as read only. If you run some operation as root privileges and this operation can compromise your system, use these keys to protect your system.

So, a good way to restart your computer when it got locked is Hold Alt + Prt Sc + S + B. Doing that, your system will be restarted safely.

You can get more information in

That’s it folks. From now on, try to use one of those options before to push the power button of your computer.

See you next time.


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