How to make an ISO from files in Ubuntu 11.04

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Ubuntu
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You have a lot of files in your folder and you want to send them for many people and they want to burn a CD/DVD to save those files.
However, to make life easier for all, you might create a ISO for that.

In this post we will use the program mkisofs. It can generate an ISO9660/JOLIET/HFS hybrid filesystem.

The sintax of this program is:

mkisofs -o [filename.iso] [path]


  • filename: The file name that will be created.
  • path: The directory that will be used to generate the ISO file.
  • Now, let’s make a example of that. Open a terminal and type:

    mkisofs -o download.iso Downloads/

    The command above will get all the files inside the directory Download and will use them to create a file called download.iso.

    More information about mkisofs, access the site

    1. vijendar says:

      it doesn’t work!! seems tough.
      could you explain it a bit more ???

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