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Installing Kubuntu 11.04 after installed Ubuntu 11.04: You already have installed Ubuntu 11.04 but you haven’t liked the Unity. You want to try another window manager like KDE. Check out how to install it.

Installing Kernel 2.6.39 in the Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal): Check out here, step by step about how to compile and install Kernel 2.6.39.

How to fix the error “ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64″ after installed GCC 4.6: If you compiled and installed GCC 4.6 and during the Android Gingerbread (or another software) compilation you received the following error message: “ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64″. Check out here how to solve this issue.


How to fix problem of incompatibility between GCC 4.6 and Android 2.3 (Gingerbread): See how we can fix one problem that can happen when you try to compile the Android 2.3 after you already have installed GCC 4.6.

How to disable auto login in Ubuntu 11.04: You turned on your computer and noted, it did the login automatically. You already enable it through Login Screen Setting but you didn’t have success. Check out here how you can disabled auto login.

Changing Google Chrome user agent string in Ubuntu 11.04: See here how we can access sites that just accept for example Internet Explorer or where network that just accept the use of Internet Explorer instead of Google Chrome.

Creating a wallpaper slideshow in Ubuntu 11.04: If you are that one who like to get changing wallpaper all the time, so you need to know, there is an application that can do that for you. Check it out.

Theme Manager for Ubuntu (Natty Narwhal): Check out here a great application to manager theme in Ubuntu.

Creating a Linux Kernel Driver for the Kernel in Ubuntu 11.04: In this post will see how to create and load automatically at boot time a Linux Driver Kernel.

How to make an ISO from CD/DVD in Ubuntu: Check out here how you can make ISO from CD/DVD using the command dd.

How to make an ISO from files in Ubuntu 11.04: See here how we can generate an ISO from files.

Creating a pen drive bootable with multiple Operating Systems in Ubuntu: You are working in your computer and suddenly your system freeze and you restart it but it doesn’t load anymore. Check out here how you can escape of this situation and choosing a Operational System to be loaded.

How to convert mpeg to YouTube video: You have mpeg file but you would like to convert it to Adobe Flash video format. To do that, check it out here how you can do that.

How to convert file WMA to MP3 in Ubuntu 11.04: You have mp3 player and a lot of musics in WMA format. Access this post to see how you can convert them to mp3 format.

How to convert YouTube video to mpeg: A great advantage to do that is regarding the compaction. You can decrease the size of the file. Check it out here.

How to compile and install ffmpeg in Ubuntu 11.04: FFmpeg permit us to manipulate audios and videos files. It has support for most existing file formats. However, you need to enable some encodings. See here, how you can do that.